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Work Day
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I'm getting back in the "go to work" routine.

I've found that a catered breakfast (Egg McMuffin and coffee) works quite nicely. I usually end up with about half a cup of coffee by the time I get to where I'm going.

And I didn't mess up on the alarm system today.

There has been little, if any, work done on this collection. The cartons are filled with (mostly) letters. I'm sorting them by author and date.

I'm not sure (yet) who these people are, but I think they were connected with the E.R.A. efforts.

Today I went through a huge stack of letters to a daughter in California. Obviously, she saved all her incoming correspondence. Too bad her mother didn't also--it would have been interesting to follow the "conversations."

I'll be busy with this collection for a while. I figure I'll be about halfway through before I figure out who the "players" are.

I reached a good stopping point about 3 PM--which is my departure "goal" to avoid the going-home traffic clogs.

And my Cappuccino Frosty took me till I was almost across the lake to finish. (That's about par for the course.)

Spot greeted me with multiple affectionate rubs on my legs. We had a minor "discussion" about whether he was going to get inside, and I won. I think he's getting the message.

Once I'd put down my junk I got out the cat food. Spot got a dish on the porch, with the window and door closed to keep him out of the house. Stripe ended up with his bowl of food on the outside part of the porch.

And I need to put out the raccoon biscuits for the post-sunset guests.

Tomorrow will be busy--I have errands to do with YD. I guess I'lll mentally flag Saturday for more yard work. I still have one unburned burn pile.

Maybe it won't be quite the IUD today has been.

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