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October is NOT Supposed to be this Hot!
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I was just starting to get used to being able to do stuff outside without being soaked from the skin out in 15 minutes or less.

We had some fall-like weather (highs belows the 90s--temp. and humidity) and then this week arrived.

Last night I didn't even pull the sheet over me, and I left the fan on.

I did some errands with YD this morning, and then we had lunch at Chili's. Food was good, but service was slow. I think it was more a case of understaffing than slow staff. I had a humongous chicken sandwich, and it came with a bunch of fries. I boxed up the fries and brought them home. I'll bet the raccoons will like them!

And I forgot to get the paper and mail before coming all the way up the driveway, so I had to walk back down to the road for that. And then--as I've done in the past--I sat outside to read the paper. I had a distraction though--Spot wanted lap time and petting. He can get pretty insistent, but he's gradually learning to keep his claws (and teeth) to himself. He'll get food, but he's got to be polite. And the same goes for petting.

Maybe tomorrow will be a bit more like fall and I'll be sufficiently energized to putter around in the yard.

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