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(attempt #2--the tail just struck)

Even though it rained off and on today I still managed to get to WalMart for the food and stuff I sort of needed. The drving need is for critter food of all sorts. I use about 10 pounds of dog raccoon biscuits a week, plus stuff for the various cats.

And today I managed to not buy any books or magazines!

When YD came over earlier in the week she brought a bunch of books. Need I say more? Just in time, too, because I had just finished Spiral Hunt, by Margaret Ronald. I'm pretty sure I have the next one pre-ordered, just as I have YD's next book pre-ordered from at least one book store (so far.)

In addition to the books YD brought me, I have a copy of She, by H. Rider Haggard. As I recall (from miscellaneous other reading) this is sort of a classic, especially for women's studies. Never fear--I'll keep you posted on it and my reaction. It's not real thick, so I should be finished fairly soon.

Today was almost on-again-off-again rainy, so I had a good excuse for doing nothing with respect to yard work. "Making groceries" was my contribution today to household maintenance.

TV tonight will be watching the end of the LSU - Fla. game. I don't normally pay all that much attention to college football, but this one has been getting quite a bit of hype.

I went to an Ivy League college (right out of high school) and Ivy League schools did not participate in post-season games. Also, in theory there were no athletic scholarships as such.

They take their football a lot more seriously in most of the country's colleges. (We can debate all week about the emphasis on athletics over scholarship.)

However, after living the majority of my adult life in the
Deep South I find I am paying more attention to the college games.

Saints have a bye week, so if I want a football "fix" it will have to be college ball. And I find myself rooting for LSU, even though I went to a different Louisiana state college. (But UNO doesn't have football.)

And if I don't get back to watching the gagme, it will be half over.

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