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Bye Week
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For the Saints, that is. I watched the Atlanta/San Fran game, which was a total blowout of SF. I think the Atlanta total was in the 40s.

Part of that was due to a 49er player grandstanding just a bit too early, as he was running an interception toward his goal line. He held it up to show off, and a
Falcon grabbed it.

Other than that, it was a rather icky day--rain threatening, and sometimes falling, for most of it. I didn't get a whole lot done, other than reading the Sunday paper. And that seems to take less time by the week. I don't know if all newspapers are shrinking, or just those here in Katrinaland, but they shrink in page count and expand in price.

My tentative work plans are to go in Tuesday and Thursday this coming week. Weather permitting, of course. There is always work to be done at home, but that never stays done.

This morning I watched the NASA channel which was showing the return of a space station crew, from getting aboard the Soyuz to their landing etc. in the Soviet Union. I'm not sure when this occurred, but it was fascinating. I can't help but recall standing at the Cape and watching a launch of a little satellite (in the late 50s) with a guy friend and realizing that we were too old to have a chance to go into space. (He was a pilot.)

Cat is getting irritated at me wanting to have room for the keyboard where she wants to sleep, and her fearsome tail is starting to twitch.

Time now to watch the evening football game. At least the games aren't reruns, like almost all of the programs.

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