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(from my dictionary) putter: to occupy oneself in an aimless or desultory manner; to waste time in idling.

This translates roughly as an IUD.

It was semi-threatening (rainwise) most of the day, and on the humid side to boot.

So I mostly stayed inside and puttered around. It wasn't totally pointless, unless you consider that laundry done never stays done for long.

In the later part of the afternoon I headed out for some errands and Arby's. The key errand was getting more AA batteries. Yesterday there was a crisis when the TV remote wouldn't work until I had filched batteries from a small flashlight. Now I have lots of AA batteries, and both the flashlight and the remote are working quite nicely.

However, when I came out of Walgreen's the sky looked threatening again, so I skipped Arby's and came on home. And I got here just as the occassional sprinkle turned into something more regular.

Tomorrow's activities will depend on what the weather is.

At first (when I checked the mail) I thought the mail carrier was running late, then I realized that there was probably no mail today--Columbus Day. (Although how could Columbus have discovered America when the Native Americans were already here--yes I know that's an oldie.)

It's Monday night, therefore there is a football game to watch, if the other drivel doesn't look interesting.
Or, I could start a new book. It will probbly be She, unless I am in the mood for total mind candy.

Just another IUD here.

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