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I "decided" it was too apt to rain this morning, so I turned over and went back to sleep.

And it did rain--some.

I tossed a couple of weeks' worth of newspapers into the turtle pond, despite the feline "escort" that accompanaied me on the walk back there. Spot is gradually learning to keep away from my legs and feet when I'm walking, and a large part of that is due to the canes that "slip" and remind him.

And then in the afternoon I treated myself to a pedicure. In addition to the trimming and polishing, there is massage, de-callousing, etc.

When that was done I did some minor shopping. I was about ready to head for the checkout when my phone rang.

Thank goodness the refurbished WalMart now has benches in most of the aisles. I settled down and had a nice conversation with my financial advisor. Part of it was financial, part personal. Somehow, talking about investments while shopping at WalMart has a tinge of irony(?) to it. The two just don't seem to go together that well, except that shopping at WalMart leaves more to invest.

Unless it is raining tomorrow morning I plan on going in to work. I have a new collection to work on and I've barely scratched the surface of what it contains.

And I just remembered I told the financial adviser that I'd send her a copy of Mark of the Demon.

I'm hoping it's reasonably clear tomorrow.

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