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Work Day
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I try to put in two days a week at the Women's Center library, and since I didn't go in Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, I felt sort of morally obligated to go in today.

I set off in plenty of time to make my McD stop and still get in ahead of traffic and the majority of other cars that park by the building. (And I didn't mess up with the
alarm system.)

The out-of-the-ordinary happened just after 9 AM when someone knocked on the window by me wanting to know if I could get through the door behind me and unlock the door to Latin American (maybe just Cuban) Studies so these people could deliver plants.

I could, and I did. Later in the day I ran into the secretary (where else but by the Ladies' Room) and mentioned it to her.

Other than that, it was a quiet day. I couldn't help but notice that a bunch of buildings across the street had disappeared. I guess they were portables brought in after Katrina. I'm sure other buildings will soon occupy that site. I think ROTC was housed over there.

When I got home I was greeted by Spot. He's gradually learning not to swat at my legs, and not to rub on them either when I'm trying to walk. However, I cannot yet picture myself persuading him to go into a crate without suffering massive wounds on my arms and hands. And if I put out a humane trap, heaven only knows what will end up in it. Chances are fairly good that it would have a mask.

The President was in New Orleans today, and I was lucky enough to be nowhere near his route around town. One time The Shrub was here, and totally messed up traffic at 4 PM. (That alone probably lost him a bunch of votes.)

Tomorrow will be another work day, and then I'll have the weekend. Tomorrow also has a possibility of showers at some point, and the probability of that is about the same as the rising in the east.

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