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Two in a Row
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Workdays, that is.

And I continued plugging away at the letters received by a daughter from her mother. They were written back in the late fifties and the sixties.

The mother has (had?) political viewpoints which I find abhorrent, especially regarding race. It is an incredibly depressing reminder that that mind-set still exists, although those who have it are hiding it somewhat better now. We have made so many strides, but this is a reminder that that venom is still there in some (I hope it's just "some") people. If the writer is still alive she must be having total fits over our current President. I will be glad to finish up her correspondence.

And now I have the weekend ahead. Sunday is a Saints home game--against another undefeated team. The Saints have won their first four games, but this one is against the Giants and Eli Manning. I wonder how much the scalpers are getting for tickets--Eli Manning is a New Orleans boy--Archie's son, Peyton's brother.

I will definitely be in that number.

Spot was waiting for me this afternoon. He's getting better at walking with me without weaving around, in and out, etc. And he's learned to watch out for the canes.

But I'm not yet ready to try to put him in a carrying crate. I'm rather fond of having skin on my hands and arms.

This morning was one of those days where windshield wipers aren't needed steadily, but ARE needed every once in a while. Fortunately, when I got to Tulane there was no rain, allowing me to get from the car to the building without worrying about slipping on wet spots.

This weekend I need to rebuild the burn pile--and burn it.

Next week I have appointments Tuesday and Thursday, so there aren't a lot of options for work days. I'm planning on going in Monday and Wednesday. That will leave Friday "open" in case something happens.

Just remembered that I haven't put out the raccoon biscuits yet. It gets dark earlier and earlier, and they come by earlier and earlier. I have a treat for them today--two apple cores from my lunch. I'll probably end up cutting up another apple so there's enough for everybody.

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