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Last night was just a bit "brisk" for my tastes. It wasn't bad asleep, covered by an afghan and a cat, but once I'd gotten up I realized I couldn't put off lighting the furnace pilot any longer.

First problem--the only matches I had didn't want to light. Well, they are old, and had been outside.

So I got dressed and headed for Walgreen's for matches. The manager person said they were at the register. I assumed he was refefrring to the kind smokers need, not wooden kitchen matches, so I went to Rite-Aid. The person at the register assured me they had wooden kitchen matches and handed me a package. I went and found several other things to buy, then headed home.

I got smart and pulled something to sit on over by the furnace, then got it lit on the second try. Oh that lovely warm air, going through the ducts, and tossing the accumulated dust into the air. But the dust will settle and I can clean it off.

I did do a bit of minor vacuuming this afternoon, so the worst has been sucked up.

Somewhere I have a litterbox with a lid. I need to find it, then put an old towel or something in it, in case Spot wants to be cozy. (No, I don't spoil animals.)

When I got back I watched the end of a couple of college football games, ate, and am now about to settle down to the rest of the mindless TV evening.

And tomorrow a big Saints game. It should be lively, because the Giants QB is a New Orleanian. And I think they are also undefeated.

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