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Great Day!!
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I don't think I have ever seen the Saints play so competently and confidently as today.

Opponents were the New York Giants, whose record was the same as the Saints--nothing but wins so far.

The quarterback for the Giants is Eli Manning--whose brother Peyton is also a winning NFL QB. Their father Archie was a quarterback for the Saints.

The Saints were in control from the very beginning--which was the last time the Giants and Saints had a tie score (0-0). I don't recall what the final score was, but it was a win by at least two touchdowns. The Giants could never get going.

I am anxiously waiting to read the newspaper tomorrow.

The NFL no longer has two undefeated teams.

This is such an unusual feeling for loyal Saints fans. I think I definitely need to budget for post-season games.

We left a bit early to make up for the incredibly long (and slow) line for the parking garage. (I pay for the parking spot along with my season tickets.) But we were in our seats right about the beginning.

The Saints have been sold out for several seasons--probably since Katrina. We've been sitting with the same crowd for at least ten years. It's a nice group of people and when they don't use their tickets they pass them on to other nice people.

It's also a good chance to visit with YD, who comes to the games with me.

At the moment, CC is telling me she needs petting--I abandoned her for most of the day. The past couple of cool nights she's curled up against me. Either she loves me or she wants my body heat.

Usually YD drives down to my house and we head into the city from here. But her car is being "difficult" so I drove up there and we went from her house, in my car.

The fastest way to get to New Orleans from there is via the Causeway--23 miles of bridge across Lake Pontchartrain. I would go NUTS if I had to drive that on a daily basis. It's a straight line--two lanes each direction.

Back when we lived here in the 60s it was a single span--one lane each way. No shoulders to speak of. And once we had a flat on it. Now it's two spans--two lanes each way, with occassional crossovers and turnarounds which are for the cops (they have their own police force) and emergencies.

At any rate, today was a good one--the Saints won very decisively. I'm debating whether to go in to work tomorrow or do stuff at home. I'll decide when I wake up, but at the moment I'm leaning strongly toward staying home. There's still yard stuff, not to mention a need inside for the vacuum.

The Saints trounced the Giants!!

(That was the first time Eli Manning had ever played in the Superdome. None of his high school or college games took him there, and this is the first time the Giants have played here since he became their QB.)

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