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That was such a satisfying game yesterday, unless you were a Giants fan, of course.

And the Saints are being talked of quite respectfully by the various radio commentators. (I had errands to do, and thus I heard them.)

Fall seems to have definitely arrived. I have to get used to hearing the furnace again.

I did some early errands at WalMart, and was greeted effusively when I returned by Spot. When I went inside CC slipped out. I guess the weather was tempting to her. So I opened up the cat door to the porch so she could get back in, and in less than half an hour she was back where it was comfortable.

In the afternoon there was an errand to the post office, but that has pretty much been it for today. Nothing-much days can be rather relaxing.

Tomorrow I'm scheduled to donate platelets, so I just finished some nice red meat for supper. The last time I went the iron wasn't quite high enough. Hope it's okay tomorrow. In the hope that it is, I need to get a book started. It takes a couple of hours, so reading is a common activity by platelet donors.

No problem finding a book--YD has passed along a bunch. The problem is deciding which one to take. This evening I shall start several and choose on that basis of the sample readings.

YD's birthday is tomorrow--you don't need to know which one. It's not that her age concerns her--from my perspective her age reminds me of what my age is.

I'm hoping that I can get some yard work done tomorrow--such as rebuilding the burn pile and burning it. It is SO nice not to have sweat pouring down after five minutes of activity.

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