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Check out John G.'s Joke of the Week.

I usually have a "cheat sheet" with the magical code for inserting a picture or whatever, but it was hiding on me, so I had to go back to another entry that had a link to find out what the magic formula is. Said formula is now taped to the wall.

If I used that function more often I'd remember it, but . . .

Cool and crisp today--in other words Gorgeous.

However, my blood wasn't red enough for a platelet donation so I had some extra time on my hands.

A nap is never wasted time and I took advantage of the opportunity.

And got a bit caught up on other stuff.

I even managed to get the trash out front (this is 150 feet away from the house) before the trash man came. AND--when I returned from supper at Arby's I got both the barrels back where they belong. (Usually I bring the empty back right after I move the full one up front.)

Spot is gradually giving me room to walk, etc. I suspect he figures he's got it made, when I give him a dish of wet cat food right after I give CC hers. I'm still not letting him inside the house--not until the "tumors" below his tail get removed.

When I saw YD Sunday, she passed along several books. Today I started reading A Killer Workout by Kathryn Lilley. According to a pre-title page, Lilley has also written Dying to be Thin. I'm liking "Killer" well enough (by page 90) that I'm ready to order "Thin."

The laundry basket was about to overflow--and I was running out of undies--so I did a load of wash today. I even got it put away, instead of resting on the bed. (I sleep on the couch for comfort reasons--not because my bed has clean laundry on it.)

Tomorrow will be a work day, so I probably shouldn't stay up to watch "Star Trek" at midnight.

But now it's back to A Killer Workout and mindless TV reruns.

(Happy Birthday Stacie)

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