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Hee, Hee, Hee--and a Wicked Evil Grin.

Janice (pet sitter etc.) just stopped by with a humane trap to try to catch Spot. The spay/neuter doctor will be at the shelter tomorrow.

Spot thought the human tuna was pretty nice, but he wouldn't go far enough into the humane trap to get caught.

Janice and I had a good conversation and she will be on my doorstep at 7 AM to try again to lure him into the carrier. And after being able to go in and out at will all night, he should be more catchable. Besides, she'll bring sardines.

We agreed that the trap should be kept open all night--we really don't need to catch raccoons--at least at this point.

Spot will also get shots and a microchip. (And I think he also gets a teeny little ear snip.) All for just $35.

I haven't seen Stripe for a day or so. I don't know whether Spot chased him off or what. What counts is that I saw no cat pancakes on the road, thank goodness.

Janice also commented on how much friendlier Spot is than back in July when she pet-sat. He's learned not to weave in and out of my legs, and to stay clear of that stick thing that's my third leg.

Tomorrow should be interesting.

Went in to work this morning and got quite a bit done. As I said before, the subject's basic beliefs (esp. politcal and racial) are definitely NOT mine.

Today there were several letters about Hurricane Betsy--the extent of the damage, trying to get repairs done, etc.

We were in Slidell for Betsy--except for Pete (late husband). He had gone off to California on a trip to the home office. Betsy changed directions VERY quickly--racing up the Mississippi and pushing a wall of water ahead of her, and by the time he landed at L.A. there were no more flights to Louisiana.

So I can relate to the background events in this current batch of letters.

McDonald's was running really slowly this morning--their computer was down. Good thing I always order the same thing, and could hand over the exact amount. Some people turned around at the computer news--they were probably planning on paying by credit card. Bummer for them--that's the last fast foodery before crossing Lake Pontchartrain.

I had been trying to decide whether to make my second work day tomorrow or Friday. Guess it will be Friday I sure hope we can catch Spot. But he'll be able to go in and out of the humane trap all night--it hasn't been set, so he shouldn't be too skittish. Anyway, Janice says that sardines will get them every time.

If anyone had told me fifty years ago that I would be trying to catch a relatively friendly cat without trapping raccoons, I'd have really wondered what they'd been smoking. (Wait a minute--fifty years ago funny cigarettes were not as common as they are now.)

So when I decide to go to sleep I'll set my alarm for early. And cross my fingers that we can fool the cat.

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