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Another Win!
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It was definitely not an easy one--Miami was ahead till the fourth quarter, but then the Saints got cracking and won the game.

Next week's game is a Monday nighter, and I'm passing the tickets along to a friend of OD. (OD: Please let her know that they are finally in the message box.)

It is so nice having a season sellout--I can watch the home games at home. And share the tickets with others.

When I tossed out the raccoon food this evening Spots meandered into the house. He then had a passion attack--wanted non-stop petting. Fortunately, CC was curled up on the papsan amidst an afghan, cotton bedspread, and down sleeping bag. I have been explaining to Spots that she is the queen of the household, and he better behave himself.

I'll put him outside when I go to bed. I'm not sure whether he's figured out the cat door or not, but I'm sure I'll find out one of these days.

I plan to go in to work tomorrow--and get back to the correspondence from mother to daughter. It's mid- to late-fifties, and early sixties. It's quite apparent that daughter didn't throw out any mail she received--at least from her mother.

My mother had saved all my childhood and girlhood letters until they moved to Florida. The mantra was "$10.70 a hundred-weight." I asked her if she had reread them, and she said she hadn't. And then figured that the only time she might would be if something happened to me, and then that would make her even sadder. $10.70 a hundredweight made the difference.

(Of course, as a historian I now know the importance of correspondence of "ordinary" people, especially women.)

The mother's letters have "interesting" commentary about the cultural changes (civil rights) of the 50s and 60s.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get to materials that talk about the feminist movement of the period. The daughter was in California, and I can't see the mother as becoming involved in it.

But there are three more cartons to go through and that should give me an answer.

We had one of our two 1/8 time ministers today. I ended up seated at the same table at the "thank you" dinner before the annual pledging. He has interesting presentations.

It was a lovely day, and several of us got chatting afterward. We chatted longer than any others.

As usual, I stopped at WalMart on the way home. Going to church must have "upped" my karma, because even at that peak time there was a motorized cart available. I didn't have a whole lot to get, but keeping up with raccoon appetites at this time of year is challenging.

When I was tossing out the raccoon biscuits Spots came inside. CC was in the back room, and Spots made himself quite at home next to me. He is really a gorgeous cat. A pedicure (or is that "peticure"?) has worked wonders on his lap cat acceptibility. I'll put him out when I go to bed. He can sleep on the front porch, but I don't know if he's figured out the cat door. (I doubt that will take long.)

So New Orleans is still unbeaten!! Unbelieveable.

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