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Got in to work nice and early--and discovered the "lobby" fairly well covered with books.

It's clean-up time--the stacks have a finite amount of space. And one does not throw away excess books. (Except for my local library, which can't seem to be bothered to look for some area that desparately needs books.)

I had a fairly productive day with the processing. Then I asked the librarian what she did with book sale leftovers. Leftovers go either on Amazon used books, or to the Symphony Book Fair.

I checked out some of my book piles, and tomorrow I'll be taking in a big bag of books. Mind candy is quite welcome there. I probably have somewhere between 8 and 15 books (mind candy) waiting to be read. I also am up to five back issues of Analog.

When I got home Spots greeted me outside and CC inside. She's not real sure about his intentions, so I'm keeping them apart inside.

Unless it's raining, I'll go in to work tomorrow.

And now for some mindless TV while I read.

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