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The cursor arrow intrigues a certain Calico Cutie of a cat.

It's not enough that she stretches out between the keyboard and the monitor, but she noticed the cursor arrow. And is batting at it.

It is quite a temptation to play games with her--so I do.

This morning when I walked up front to get the paper I was accompanied by a giant black cat. And when I decided to read the paper outside, he decided that was a lap invitation.

That is one big and heavy cat!! And I am so glad he had a manicure along with his nutectomy.

When I woke up this morning it was raining rather enthusiastically. So I went back to sleep after seeing that the weather radar showed a lot more to the west--and travelling eastward.

It's since cleared up, but stayed cloudy. So far the furnace hasn't gone on today.

I've gotten some geek reading done. I haven't decided which of the many unread books will be the next mind candy. I've gotten as far as the introduction in She but that's more of a geek book than mind candy. My current geek book is about the role of cooking in the development of homo sapiens. It is extremely interesting and thought-provoking.

Based on the weather map, I think it's safe (rainwise) to run some errands. Besides, I'm about out of lunch bag "desserts."

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