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I tried to read the comments on yesterday's post but couldn't access them. I have no idea why.

Today was another work day. I really noticed the darkness this morning--maybe it was cloudier than yesterday. It was definitely within ten minutes of Monday's drive.

I think this weekend we go back to "normal" time. Good thing, because the school buses are out when it is still dark--and that darkness is going to be earlier and earlier, until we pretend we can control things and change the "time" an hour. Let's see--that's spring forward, fall back. Yes, that should do it.

The library has a book sale going on in the building lobbby. I eat my lunch out there, and was observing the various people as they scanned book titles. The librarian has it well organized as to genre. And the prices are really low.

I continued plugging away at the letters of the subject of my current collection. Sadly, I've reached the point where her husband has (apparently) developed Alzheimer's.

Stripe appeared this afternoon, but Spots did NOT appreciate his presence. There was quite a bit of loud conversation going on between the two of them. I finally opened the door and yelled at them. If Spots can't be polite, he doesn't get any further inside than the front porch. Tomorrow he'll probably try to butter me up with massive rubbing and purring.

Meanwhile, CC watches from the sidelines.

Hope the weather stays nice--and my modest enthusiasm for yard tending doesn't wane. I'll have to check the long-range weather forecast, and if it looks decent I may very well call the teenage son of my mechanic about helping me on Saturday. Oh wait--that's Halloween.

Time now to get comfy and see what the least offensive thing is on TV this evening. And then have that on while I read a book.

(Just solved the Comments "mystery" on yesterday's post.)

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