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My finger slipped and I lost my link on the menu.

A few really nasty thoughts, and I got it relinked and accessible.

(For whatever that is worth.)

It was an at-home day, and I was thinking that I'd go in to work Tuesday (plus another day later in the week.) Oops!! I'm scheduled to try to bleed at the blood center. When you do platelets, you have an appointment--no doubt because that generally takes a couple of hours.

Guess I won't go in till Wednesday.

Late this afternoon I ventured out to drop a bunch of stuff at the Post Office, and then swing by Popeye's so I can be eating the proper New Orleans meal as I settle down to watch the Saints vs. Atlanta.

I'm sure there will be a bunch of TIRED Atlantans tomorrow--those who came by bus, will go to the game, then back to Atlanta by bus.

The noon news reported that a significant number of people had already set up "camp" under the Interstate and were busy cooking.

I elected to watch from the comfort of my couch. The tickets went to someone Sherry knows--no doubt with a kid.

This may well be the last time this season I pass along tickets, although I never know what may come up.

Weather has warmed up again. That's okay, unless it gets to the point where the heat from the furnace pilot, plus the ambient heat, is enough to trigger the furnace fan.

With one thing and another, I never did get any yard work done.

Well, there's always tomorrow.

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