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Busy Day
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Today dawned bright and clear, as predicted, and I headed in to work. No rain on the weather menu so I grabbed a spot right in front of the building. (This is the low side of the street, and floods in a heavy dew.)

I got back to my carrel and found the adjoining one now contained my "stash" of archiving materials, which had been on a wheeled cart, right by the window. There was a note telling me where to look for the other cart with the work in progress.

Duhh! They'd been moved as part of the "Ida in case" plan.

It was a productive day, except that I discovered that I was out of Folger's coffee bags. The department does not keep a coffee pot going, unlike many other departments. But the water cooler has a hot water tap which produces passable brown stuff with instant or those bags.

So today was essentially uneventful. Even the drives back and forth were routine. Can't complain about that.

I arrived home to an insistent black cat, who snuck in as I unlocked the door. CC was in the front of the house and gave him bit of a hiss, but he wasn't bothered by that. He jumped right up on the counter in hopes of grabbing an early bite of food. No luck--I put CC's dish on top of the fridge, then grabbed his dish and set it out on the porch--closing the door behind him.

Eventually CC will progress to Ignore, and he will return the favor.

Intellicast has happy suns for every day of the coming week. And coolish temperatures!

Can't ask for much more than that.

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