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Cheese it--the cops!
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That was obviously the warning as I returned from an Arby's supper and errands.

As I headed up the driveway (150 ft. long) with headlights on, I saw five furry figures dashing off the front porch and heading for the woods. And yes--they had striped tails.

They didn't have to run--I am fully aware that they help themselves to dry cat food from a very large bowl--that's why it's there.

But they are smart to be wary. And it was funny to see them streaming into the woods. (There are five of them. Mama Goldie has apparently left them on their own while she rests up.)

Keeping guard on the patio was a giant black cat, who managed to slip into the house as I unlocked the door. CC was on the kitchen counter and gave him a bit of a dirty look; he didn't challenge her in any way, but headed out to the porch where I put down a bit more cat kibble before closing him out of the house. I think they'll eventually come to a coexistence pact if I don't push things.

I had a call from YK today. As a result I have postponed my plans to go into work till Monday. (And I now have his cell number, which I had forgotten to get the other day.)

I finished reading The Trouble With Magic by Madelyn Alt. Seems to start off a very promising series. I ordered the next two or three books in said series.

In the meantime, I started one in which an anteater is accused of killing someone. I'm into it by only a chapter and a half, but will be further along by bedtime tonight. I'm learning all sorts of things I could probably survive without knowing about anteaters' eating habits.

I'll bet the raccoons have returned to the porch. Come to think of it, I haven't put out their dog biscuits yet.

Must do that now. Can't have hungry raccoons around.

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