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No, I don't fear the number 13--even when it falls on a Friday.

Besides, my Fri.13 went quite well.

Yard Kid came over and worked for about 2 1/2 hours.

There are now two new burn piles in my driveway, and an amazing lack of regrowing greenish stuff.

While he was working in the back I worked on the edges of the driveway, where all sorts of vegetable matter had settled in.

Tomorrow I may get the dry stuff pile burned. (The other pile needs a couple of days to dry out.)

The rest of the day was quite ordinary. Spots stayed close when I was outside. CC stayed inside, as usual.

Both cats have been fed, and I put out the dog biscuits for the raccoons. I also filled up the big dish on the porch with cat chow--primarily for the raccoons. The dog biscuits are in an ice chest--partially open--on the patio. I think the raccoons would get it open even if it was empty.

Today feels very much like it should be Saturday. I'm not complaining--that means two Saturdays this week.

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