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With access from the front porch available last night, I had a giant black cat who wanted to be very friendly. He picked a good night for cuddling. There's a lot of him, so he provided a significant amount of warmth.

When I got back from work this afternoon I checked the garage and found that CC was still up on the rafter shelves, but she had evidently been down because almost all the food had disappeared. There was half a can of wet food left, so I didn't add any more. (If critters had eaten it, it would have all been gone.)

I rather suspect that I will once again have a black furry blanket tonight.

It was a productive day at work. Usually I head for home about 3 PM (I arrive about 7 AM) but I wasn't at a good stopping spot. Not only did I leave a little later, but I stopped at a Walgreen's in Slidell to get some laundry detergent (the last load I did I used dish detergent) and a couple of other things.

I take South Claiborne Avenue (in New Orlelans) to get from Tulane to the interstate. It has one of the widest (it may be the widest) neutral grounds in the city. And the area near the Martin Luther King memorial is a park-like site.

Men who look a bit past standard working age bring their lawn chairs and hang out during the day.

Today one guy was waving a small Saints flag. I ended up stopped near him (red light) and I rolled down the window, gave a Yes!! pull of the arm, and said "see those decals on my car?" He looked, then grinned.

And then it was on to home.

I was a bit later than usual and there was pretty steady traffic on the interstate till I'd passed into the marshland area.

I can't help but wonder when Her Majesty is going to come back to the house. I need to close the main garage door again and leave the side door open a bare cat-width. She doesn't need the raccoons and possums challenging her for food.

Tomorrow will be a home day for me. Sort of. I'll be headed down to the Blood Center in the afternoon to see if I have enough iron for a platelet donation. I get a lot of reading done during that.

Another IUD, but that's a whole lot better than one with some sort of crisis.

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