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My neighbor came over to chat a bit when she got home from work and I told her about CC. We went to the garage, and she climbed up the ladder and put an open can of food in the rafters. CC was not about to get near anybody.

I suspect that she could get down if she wanted to. I prefer not to think about what she does (rather, where she does) when Nature calls.

Meanwhile, Spots continues to be loveable.

In the afternoon I went to donate platelets, but for some reason they just weren't "flowing" well. One of the staff checked to see if she could move to the other arm, but enough stuff had been taken out that a 2 week wait is required before another stick.

I tried.

And I will be back there in two weeks.

Tomorrow I plan to stay home and do some yard-type stuff, like burning the current burn pile. and some de-junking of the garage.

How's that for unremarkable!

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