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Garage Cat continues to rule the rafters. She greets me when I go into the garage, but shows no inclination to get close enough to be petted (caught).

I don't smell anything (yet) regarding "used food," but she may be going outside during the day when I have the door open.

Meanwhile, the giant beast happily cuddles at night. He does not hog the sleeping area or try to push me away. And he doesn't get particularly upset if I get up in the middle of the night for a foray to the room with all the running water.

My neighbors are going on vacation this weekend, so I'll be seeing the person who caught Spots and took him to be fixed etc. She's been sitting my pets for YEARS, and she always takes care of my neighbors' pets. And generally stops by to say hello at least once. Maybe she'll have a brilliant idea about Rafter Cat.

My major "accomplishment" for today was a trip to WalMart. Critter food topped the list, of course, followed by stuff for me. And--(unusual for me)--most of it is inside already!

Weather today was quite nice. But there's a lot of green on the radar heading for us. At least it's waiting till dark. Tomorrow may be wet also, but probably not for all day. So much for the burn pile burning I'd planned.

Among my purchases this morning were two books. One has Mercedes Lackey as a co-author and--judging by the cover blurb--is a historical novel. At the moment I can't remember the second, but it looked interesting and I think I recognized the author's name.

But first I want to finish the book by Marilyn Alt. It's the second in a series. (The first is The Trouble with Magic.)

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