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A very pleasant day spent with YD and family. She and her hubby took me (and their little daughter) to the Club in their subdivision. The food there is marvelous, the people friendly, etc. etc.

On my way home I stopped to get gas at Sam's--and the pumps were all shut off.

WalMart, however, was open, so I stocked up on some more-or-less essentials so I could avoid the place for the next few days. I think they're opening at 5 AM tomorrow.

I watched a football game from a recumbant position. When I woke up I did a bit of this and that and fed the cats etc. Spots seems to have accepted that the back half of the house is CC's, and he's got the front. The bathroom (with the cat box) seems to be neutral territory, although I suspect that Spots really prefers the Great Outdoors.

YD and family have added a member--a baby standard poodle. He's adorable. The cats don't seem concerned about him and they will probably all play together eventually.

It feels very much like Sunday, but it isn't.

No vast plans for the upcoming weekend--just the usual incredibly unremarkable stuff.

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