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Of course, that's typical for someone with an Incredibly Unremarkable Life.

I did, however, finally get around to some stuff that has needed doing for quite a while.

The checkbook is now up to date and coordinated with the balance sheet I can find (and print) online.

Used to be that I'd Balance the Checkbook each month when the statement came in the mail. Now that the account activity is available online, I seldom go that long between addition checkups.

In the course of pawing through the paperwork I ran across a printout regarding the quad cane I thought I had ordered. There was an 800 number on it, so I called. A very nice person found me in their files and concluded that I had somehow not hit the final "confirm" button on the order. So I now have it officially on order, and probably it is in the mail already. (If you ever have need for a nice cane, check out Exquisite Canes online. Fantastic selection and competitively priced. My personal philosophy is that as long as I need to use one I'll get pretty ones.)

In the afternoon I got my two new rakes out and added the screws that came with each one to make tham usable. The really big one with plastic "fingers" works very efficiently on pine straw. By the time I got the burn pile about ready to burn, the sky was clouding over and threatening moisture, so I haven't "tested" the smaller rake with the metal fingers.

Maybe tomorrow afternoon. YD and family invited me to go out with them for dinner, but I need to be there by 11. Translation: I shall probably have time tomorrow afternoon when I get back home to start the burn.

Back around the beginning of the football season YD had snagged the tickets for the upcoming Monday night game for her and hubby. Who knew then that this game would be a Major Game, with all sorts of media coverage in addition to the regular.

That's okay--I can loll on the couch at home in comfy clothes--sans upper torso undergarment--and watch it on TV. And I won't be in a holding pattern around the Dome when it's time to leave. Or--for that matter--on the way to the game, although an early start can help with that.

Happy Gorging.

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