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Very dull day today. In fact, the furthest I've been from the house is the mailbox.

Spots has spent much of the day being loving and adoring. I guess his testosterone levels are going down.

Maybe next week I'll let him get in more contact with CC. So far, she hasn't been particularly interested in him, especially since the airborne collision which resulted in her three days as Rafter Cat.

Right now he's a little miffed because I am no longer stretched out on the couch, and thus his nice warm lap is gone.

When I sent my monthly donation to the Humane Society I enclosed a note giving them the latest on his adaptation to (eventually) becoming a house cat.

The Saints are not playing tomorrow--they're playing at home Monday night. That is going to be one hectic part of town. I would not be surprised to see some businesses letting employees out early to alleviate the traffic crunch.

There will probably be tailgaters setting up "camps" well before the game. There is no way I am giving even a miniscule thought to going in to work Monday. I do not wish to cope with the traffic in the afternoon.

I shall watch the game from the comfort of my couch, sans upper torso undergarment, with food etc. that has not cost a fortune. (And has a lot less grease in it.)

Tomorrow afternoon I shall probably putter around the yard. Unless it's windy the burn pile will be ashes by evening. And I'll start doing a bit of planning with respect to planting stuff for spring.

Back to the TV and time to start book #4 in the Madelyn Alt series. That arrived in the mail yesterday. I have #5 on order. They are fun mind candy.

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