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IUD, All the Way
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I passed on church today because my hip was giving me fits. I took some Vicodin for it, but I will not drive for about 6 hours after taking it--just in case.

It had the desired effect, fortunately.

Watched football, although neither of the games had a team I strongly preferred. Well--that's not quite right. If there's a Manning QBing, I'll root for them, unless they are playing the Saints. And I'll root against the other teams in our division.

I'm not going in to work tomorrow--I don't want to take a chance on getting tangled up in game-related traffic. But I will be watching it at home, where I can take off my shoes and bra and be comfortable. And have a cat to pet.

CC and Spots seem to be coexisting quite comfortably. Spots has not challenged CC at all or tried to eat her food or invade her "space."

(Just remembered--I haven't put out the raccoon biscuits.)

I guess tomorrow I'll light the burn pile and get it out of the way.

And, of course, watch the Monday night game.

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