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Slight Change of Plans
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I had been debating working Friday versus working tomorrow. Then the phone rang--it was "B____" from the Blood Center, reminding me I could donate platelets tomorrow (or later.)

I'll do it tomorrow.

When my blood quit dripping out two weeks ago they checked to see when I could try again. Enough had come out that a two week wait was necessary.

Now to make sure I have a book to keep me company.

I was reading She at lunch today. The ruler (or whatever) of the place where the protagonist and company have ended up is known as She Who Must Be Obeyed.

And I am going slightly nuts trying to remember in what context I have heard that expression.

I may just take that book along with me tomorrow. There's definitely enough of it left to more than fill up the ~two hours for the platelet draw.

And tomorrow I must also call the auto glass place about replacing the right side mirror on my car. I still have a good rear view, but it probably would not pass inspection, although I'm not due for that till February or March.

For some reason the library today was COLD!! The semi-replacement librarian propped the doors open so we could get some of the warmth from the lobby.

The regular librarian is on loan to the state this semester, so this woman is filling in for her part time. She seems real nice. And at the moment I don't think we have all our regular student help. That little thing called finals does put a crimp in work time.

CC seems to be getting a bit more used to Spots. He is not at all confrontational--except when bumped into in the air and even then he seemed to recognize that the contact was not deliberate.

I may give the critters a bit of an extra treat and toss out more dog biscuits. I picked up a couple of sacks of them on a quickie trip to WalMart earliet this evening.

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