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New Month, New Color
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Also a new page arrangement, although that's not quite as obvious.

What a game last night!! I was so wound up in it, I thought I'd never get to sleep.

As a result, today had a long nap in it. But, since it's been raining since about noon, I felt no guilt about undone yard work.

The rain looks like it will continue for quite a while, possibly into tomorrow. At least it didn't start during the drives home from the game.

Today's mail had a couple of catalogs in it, as did the e-mail. Serentgeti has something cute I think I'll order. They have some gorgeous t-shirts too, and I may treat myself to one of them.

The rain this afternoon greatly enhanced an afternoon nap, and I'm trying to get temporally re-oriented. The cats, of course, pretend they've had no food for days on end, but I just put that little impression to rest. I doubt that the big guy will do any evening hunting, but will share body heat with me.

CC gets her "human time" when I'm on the computer. She's usually between the keyboard and the monitor.

I seem to have missed TV newscasts today, but the electricity is on, as is the TV, so I guess the world hasn't ended.

I do see that I should have been on the computer earlier--there's a reminder to call the auto glass people about the Escape's rear view mirror. Maybe I should tape that note to the front of the TV.

At some point this morning I realized it was Tuesday and I hadn't put out the trash. The guy usually arrives noonish. If it was out too late two things may happen: It will sit there till next Tuesday, or the big-time noisy giant truck crew will take it tomorrow.

And so we are now in the last month of the "year" as defined by Christian humanity.

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