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Winter Weather
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There is a fairly good chance that Northern Louisiana will get some snow this evening or tomorrow. Texas is currently being snowed on.

It is not particularly likely for the southern part of Louisiana, but nobody takes a firm stand when it comes to weather prediction.

At the moment the precipitation is liquid only.

Which, together with temps in the 40s or a bit above, makes for really icky weather.

The cats have not yet reached the point where I might have a two-cat night.

But, based on Spots' behavior this afternoon, it will be a one large black cat night.

I was happily snoozing along this afternoon, and woke up to a large black furry mass nestled into the angle formed by my head and right shoulder. I don't think I've ever had a head-cuddler before.

Later this afternoon he came cautiously into CC's room--aka known as the computer room. He was very polite and did not challenge her at all.

She's been out of her room more and more lately. Eventually they'll be friends, I think.

My morning activity was checking out an auto glass place. The one I went to years ago apparently isno longer in business, so I settled for one fairly close by. The guy acknowledged that the right side mirror needed replacemenet, and ordered the proper part. I think it will be in Tuesday or Wednesday.

Meanwhile, I added a bit more tape to keep the half a mirror in place.

Then I headed to Arby's for lunch while Walgreen's filled a prescription for me.

While I was eating and reading there were a bunch of siren noises. One of the vehicles was the fire engine from just over a mile from where I live. Eventually an ambulanmce came by, headed for the hospital nearest me.

My guess is that there was an accident at the interstate intersection less than a mile from where I was eating. I'm sure tomorrow's paper will have some type of remark about it. Or maybe not. I no longer get the local rag--it really went downhill after Katrina, while its price went up.

I picked up my prescription and headed home, getting there just as the fire engine was blocking the street while it backed into its garage.

It's raining now--I'll know that its snowing when I can't hear it land on the roof.

Local weather radar link

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