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CC and Spots are slowly getting acquainted. She has moved her "observation" perch to a wall hanging (waiting to be fixed) on the desk by the door to the room. He is very courteous and respects her "territory," although I figure in a month or so there won't be that much of a "his and hers" about it. They don't try to eat from each other's dishes.

This morning I looked at the food storage areas--especially that of the critter food--and decided that a trip to WalMart was needed. Aside from one shoe that wanted to part company with the sole, it was uneventful. I took a newspaper bag out of my purse where it had held an umbrella and twisted it (the bag) into an acceptable tie to keep the shoe together. In the past I have used chewed gum, but I didn't have any of that.

There were no functioning motorized carts at the entrance I used, so I trundled down to the other one, where (ta-da) I found a cart just leaving the store. I followed that man in the cart, and took it over when he'd gotten to his car. Then it was back to the store, using the cart.

I didn't have a whole lot I wanted to get, so the actual shopping didn't take very long.

This evening I need to find the tube of superglue I have somewhere and glue the shoe back together.

I'd be upset about the shoes getting elderly--they are really exactly what I need for stabiliity etc.--except that Lands' End still has some in the deep recesses of their on-line catalog--and a couple of weeks ago I ordered a new pair of black shoes that were half price! I should probably check to see if there are any other colors that would work for me.

Last night was a bit "brisk" but I didn't notice it--not with a large economy size VERY cuddly cat wanting to share body heat.

Tomorrow I WILL get the burn pile burned.

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