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When I got up this morning one hip was in serious "resist" mode--to the point that I hit the vicodin. That meant no driving--such as in to work--for several hours. This last is on the advice of my former cop daughter. I told her I didn't feel the least light-headed, etc. etc., but she pointed out that if I got in an accident--even if it was 100% the other guy's fault--and my blood was tested, it would read enough for a DUI.

Okay--that's reasonable. I don't drive till six hours after a vicodin.

So, I didn't go in to work today.

The cats thought this was pretty neat and were very friendly.

Around the middle of the afternoon I headed out to WalMart for some little necessities, such as food for both the indoor and outdoor menageries. And a few things for me.

Definitely an IUD. (Incredibly Unremarkable Day, for those of you visiting from Holidailies.)

I have mixed feelings about tomorrow--I'd like to continue working on the current collection, but there is also a lot to do around here. The weather forecast keeps changing, and there is a fairly decent chance of rain tomorrow.

Therefore, tomorrow's activities will be decided tomorrow morning.

Either way, they will be fairly unremarkable.

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