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Yet Another IUD
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Except that I was headed out on junky errands when I discovered that my debit card was not in its usual place in my wallet. It also wasn't in my pants pocket, but then I wasn't wearing the same pants as yesterday.

I used another card to buy gasoline on the way home, resolving to check the bathroom for the card first thing.

Well, I just now checked, and it was in yesterday's slacks. It's easier to slip it into a pocket when I'm checking out at WalMart than wrestle with the purse, wallet, packages, etc., not to mention the people in line behind me.

That was one of the "exciting" points of the day.

The other "event" is probably attributable to the cooler weather. The giant black cat who adopted me wanted some serious lap time this afternoon. And head-scritching and petting time. He knows where the warmest spot it--on top of a human.

This evening I heard some porch noises, and turned on the light. A possum was busy eating the cat kibble that I put out there for cats, possums, and raccoons. It may well have been Pogo, because it took a wait-and-see attitude--as though it recognized me as Not A Threat.

I got a Christmas card from the second wife of an uncle and her now-husband. I guess I should get a few cards sent out so people don't figure I've hit the obit columns.

Maybe tomorrow the weather will be such that I get at some more outside stuff.

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