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This is, of course, a temporary victory as to where CC will park herself while I am using the computer. It was just one tail thwap too many, so I removed her definitively from the card table holding the computer.

She is now on the papsan, and in a few minutes I'll pet her and say sweet things.

Prior to lunch it was an IUD. But then I got a call from a friend who just passed the Bar suggesting coffee.

We spent most of the afternoon at PJ's and had a conversation that covered at least half the topics under the sun. Which (the sun) was not out. And it still isn't. It started to rain while we were there and incresed exponentially after we got ourselves home. We had stopped at her house on the way so I could meet her standard poodle, who is quite nice. (I had told her about the new member of YD's family.)

When I got back home I got some massively dirty looks from CC when she smelled DOG on my hands.

(Maybe that's why she was such a pain about being ultra-close.)

At any rate, the whole area is on flash flood watch for what has already fallen and what will probably fall during the rest of the evening. The usual places in New Orleans (such as certain underpasses) are not safe to navigate unless you're in a boat or a super high vehicle, but that's about par for the course.

Drew Brees (Saints QB) will be king of one major Krewe, and Sean Payton (Saints head coach) of another. (I'm talking Mardi Gras, for those in other parts of the country.)

CC is now on the papsan, pretending to be asleep, with her back to me.

I may go by PJ's tomorrow--they have Saints shirts on sale for only $10. The ones I saw yesterday in WalMart were $15 and not nearly as attractive as PJ's.

Depends on the rain, however. The only advantage of rain over snow is that you don't have to shovel rain. And you seldom are in danger of frostbite from it.

On the other hand, although you can build dams in the drainage ditches, you can't make rainmen, like you can snowmen. And parish officials don't appreciate the civil engineering that goes into ditch dams.

So, despite the rain, the socialization made it a really good day.

Now to pet the cat.

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