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Rain Again (still)
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Not just "rain" but RAIN. Once again there are heavy rain/rising water advisories for the area.

And the next several days appear to be about the same.

The rain had pretty much let up by mid-afternoon, so I headed for WalMart for some things I needed fairly urgently.

(That type of list usually has Beast Food at the top.)

I hope it isn't raining tomorrow morning, because I plan to take the trash to the front for pickup. If I don't make it the world won't end. I accumulate trash at the rate of about 2/3 barrel a week.

If it will stop raining for a while I can get a bunch of weeding done. It will probably be several days before I can get a yard trash fire going, but that's okay.

People around here seems to be in exceptionally good spirits--and it's not because of the red and green season--it's the Black and Gold that has everybody smiling.

Here's a piece about various New Orleans Christmas traditions.

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