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Rain (again)
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Yes--once again today has been characterized by moisture ranging from not-quite-raining, to full scale rain that can be heard on the roof.

And I am suffering from what-day-is-it syndrome. This occurs when a semi-regular weekly schedule gets discombobulated, for one reason or another.

Indication one came when I dug out my calendar to see what day it was, and what was on my agenda. Oops--an 8:40 dr. appointment.

I called and apologized, and learned that they had moved their offices. Nice to have been notified. I apologized for forgetting what day it was, but pointed out that I would have been late for the appointment because of the failure to notify me of the move.

That's been rescheduled to next Monday.

And then I went out in a brief almost-lull of today's rain for some errands and got a phone call while I was driving. I let it go to voice-mail.

When I got back home I checked the voice mail and discovered I'd missed another appointment--one that I had somehow failed to write down.

That one is on for next Thursday.

And on the feline front, Stripe showed up just as I was putting out Spots' food. Spots used very strong language to persuade Stripe to leave the porch. Stripe left and slunk under the house. I put the food dish there. Spots did not follow.

Spots came into my office room and he and CC had a bit of a glaring contest. I think Spots realizes that CC was here first. And that the house is large enough for both of them. CC is coming further out of her bedroom now. She also has discovered that Spots does not go after her food--unless it is obviously abandoned. He has his feeding spot and she has hers. And he cuddles up against me at night. If that's not an "ownership" statement, I don't know what is.

I think rain is expected for tomorrow also. Bah humbug.

On the other hand, we've got the Saints. And a commentary on Saints fever in New Orleans.

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