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Another Day
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Well, at least I didn't go brain dead and miss a dr. appointment today.

Today the skies weren't dumping rain a on and off like the last few days.

I got at the pile of stuff that needed to be cut up and added to the burn pile and made a dent in it (small pile.) However, I concluded that things would go a lot faster if the clippers were sharper. Easiest way to take care of that is to get another pair.

So, I headed for WalMart, but didn't find any. There also weren't any motorized carts available, so I pushed the basket around. This was tiring and annoying at the potential fruitlessness of my trip. I did, however, restock some of the critter food, plus some other stuff.

Tomorrow I shall go to the other side of town and the Ace Hardware store there.

And--if the weather cooperates--finally get the burn pile burned.

I had a phone call from a friend who dates back to Wyoming days (early 60s) and we chatted for quite a while. She caught me up on what her kids and grandkids were doing and other stuff.

And I received a couple of cards from other close friends from various times and places.

Monster Cat has been visiting the computer room--aka CC's territory. So far he's been quite polite. She keeps a wary eye out when he's in the room, especially if he wanders towards her food. But things seem to be going fine as he insinuates himself into the household.

I wonder where he came from.

This evening I heard a slight squabble on the front porch. A possum (Pogo?) was telling someone else to get away from the food. Since the possum didn't seem to afraid of me, I think it must have been Pogo.

I slept poorly last night. Hope tonight is better.

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