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Betrayed by my body!

The day started out pretty well, and in the late morning I headed for the Ace hardware store to get some clippers.

Oh but that is an evil place. My late husband used to go there a lot, and it's easy to see why.

I managed to get by the tables with samples of the cooking abilities of various grills and made it back into the yard stuff section.

There I found a HUGE selection of clippers etc. And right by them were loppers.

I ended up with some nice-looking clippers. And a somewhat smaller lopper than the one I already own. And plans to use them when I got home.

However, when I got home it was time to eat something. And then I made the mistake of leaning back "for a few minutes."

I came to life about five minutes ago, looked at the clock, and realized that I'm less than an hour away from sunset.

Guess the yard work will have to wait till tomorrow.

I'll be up late tonight watching the Saints game. I'm sure the Superdome area is already packed with tailgaters. It's really a great day for that.

I see from the headlines that the weather conditions which gave us so much rain this past week have moved up the East Coast--and cooled the precipitation to snow. At least you don't have to shovel rain, and the consequences of no electricity do not include freezing.

It's less than a week now till That Day and my Grinchiness persists. The day itself will be nice--it's another bazillion members of YD's extended family thingie. This year it will be at YD's husband's ex's house.

And it's just about time for the local news.

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