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Burn Pile Burning
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This afternoon the weather (and my energy level) were "go" for getting the sort-of burn pile heap over to the "real" burn pile--and then setting the whole thing ablaze. It is now "simmering" in the dark. I have the hose turned on at the tap, and out where I can get to it (almost) instantly if needed.

It will be interesting to see tomorrow morning just how much managed to burn. And if it is still burning.

Other than that, it was a blah day and I didn't leave the homestead.

Spots thought my raking etc. efforts were interesting. He liked chasing after twigs/branchlets that I was relocating.

I am still in major grinch mood, but I need to give some thought to getting a few gifts for various people. I guess I'll stop at the bank tomorrow and get the grands a savings bond each.

Spots has just decided that this room needs exploring. He was on the bookcase briefly, then decided to sit on the books on a small chair. So far he has knocked two books off the chair to make it easier to take an extended bath.

In no way has he harassed or challenged CC, who is in her usual place next to me. Nor has he done anything other than sniff at her partially uneaten dinner. He's an interesting cat.

And I must NOT forget the rescheduled doctor's appointment--at his new location. I'll be asking him why he didn't notify patients. The consolation is that the new location is a LOT more convenient for me. The place he's been at for quite a while involved (for me) getting through the traffic at the interstate ramps.

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