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Stuck At School
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Blah, the semester doesn't start until next Monday and today I'm at school. This really isn't fair.

Yesterday I took Sydney back to the vet. He stayed there for the entire day and I was able to pick him up around closing time. They ran $340 worth of tests and still don't know why he's having a problem with his jaw/throat. They supposedly checked his throat to make sure nothing was in it, x-rayed his jaw, checked his sinuses, inner ear, teeth, etc. and yet found nothing. The first vet bill when Sydney started having this problem was around $60, the second when they did the blood test was around $95, and yesterday's was $340. That's close to $500 dollars spent - and nothing to show for it. I'm out $500, Sydney is still having a problem, and the vet doesn't know what it is. *sigh* I'm supposed to call and set up ANOTHER appointment tomorrow if he's still having a problem (which he is). Dammit, I feel like I'm just throwing my money away here. I would spend anything to help Sydney out, but when the vets can't even figure out the problem I feel like I'm getting ripped off. And with a wedding just aroung the corner (and expenses like the wedding rings coming up) I can't afford to be throwing this money away. *sigh* Anyone out there know of any good vets who could diagnose Sydney without charging me an arm and a leg for nothing?

In other news, I'm spending today at school. I needed to get my assignments and buy my books for the spring semester. I have a ton and a half of homework due for my first classes and so I'm also spending the day doing some reading. This is not how I should be spending the last days of my break. *grumble*

On the bright side, Rob I are meeting up tonight close to school (around Woodland Hills I believe) and are going to go to dinner and maybe catch a movie. That should be nice, I need some time to relax and it doesn't look like I'll be getting it this weekend. This weekend is all about Rob and I running around and trying to find wedding rings on Saturday and about Rob, Lisa, Mindy, and I trying to finish up the bridesmaid stuff on Sunday. I need a vacation from this vacation. *cries*


Which Kevin Smith Movie Are You? by jennablue!

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