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Countdown To The End
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I'm currently on my fifth cup of coffee, so please excuse me if I have typos in here or start to ramble on like the spaz that I am.

Yesterday was my last Insurance Law class. And today is my last Cyber Law class. I only have one more day of classes to go (next week Tuesday). Finals start in a week and a half. I graduate (and have a fucking doctorate - right on) in less than a month. On the one hand, this is so cool. I'm outta here. No more school and I'll have a nifty degree. On the other hand I'm getting all panicky. I still haven't gotten a single job interview, our career services office is chock full o retards, and this summer bar review is going to be harsh. But if I can pass the bar then this should all be worth it. And if I can't ... well, there's a nice cliff over here by the school. Unfortunately I won't just have bar review to stress me out this summer. I'll also have massive employment and financial worries if things don't start picking up for me on the job front. Oh well, at least there's around 80% of my graduating class who is in the same boat as I am.

Last night I asked Rob if he would hood me during the graduation ceremony. You're supposed to pick someone who has helped you out and been there for you during law school. Apparently it's some honorific thing. I was trying to decide between my Mom and Rob, but my hubby won out. I have a very close relationship to my Mom and she did help to pay for my schooling, but I don't think I could have gone all the way through law school without Rob's support. So, he's gonan hood me.

For any of you who want to attend my graduation (it's on May 16 on the Pepperdine campus) drop me an e-mail. I can invite a whole lot of people so if you want to come I would love to have you there.

That's about all that's going on right now. This weekend is gonna be busy (hanging out with Flor tomorrow, going out to Montclair to get my hair done on Saturday, and maybe going on an Easter picnic on Sunday) so I'll try to post when I can.

Oh, and I lucked out with the bar and with my bar review class. I wanted to take Bar/Bri at Pepperdine - and got it. And I was the LAST person to be able to sign up to take the bar on my laptop in Pasadena. So, yay, I won't have to go out of town for any of that stuff. Such a relief!

Weight lost on my infomercial diet so far: 5 lbs. Ugh. I don't think this diet is working anymore. *sigh* I wish I could get off my damn steroids because I seriously need to lose some weight.
Days on the diet: 22.


A worm eraser? I think I'm going to go and be scared now.

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