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Last Day of Class
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Dead Tired and Having Very Painful Cramps

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If today weren't my last day of classes, I wouldn't have come to school today. I feel like hammered shit. First off, I got my period so I'm having horribly painful cramps which are so bad that they're also making ne nausious. Then last night I got NO sleep. Literally, I didn't even doze off for a few minutes. I went to bed around midnight. From midnight until around four in the morning the assholes who live in the apartment above us were blaring their music so loudly that even our white noise machine couldn't help. Then, when they turned off their music finally, there was something leaking and dripping in the bedroom wall. That kept me awake for awhile because Rob and I were trying to find out where is was coming from and then when we tried to sleep the noise of it wouldn't let me get any rest. The dripping sound was still there this morning. If it's still there when Rob gets home tonight he's going to have maintanence look into it. We couldn't see any water stains on the walls or any leaks anywhere, but if it's a pipe about to go then we should have someone check it out. Either way, it's going to have to wait until Rob gets home tonight because maintanance can't come up when the cats are roaming around free otherwise they'll make a run for it.

I'm breaking my resolution to stop drinking Red Bull today. I stopped drinking it because I was getting some nasty complications from it (chest pains and the feeling like there's a bird fluttering around in my chest), but today I'm going to have to have some. I can barely stay awake due to last night. My drive here was not cool and I kept almost nodding off. So, I need to be able to keep myself awake in class and during the rest of the day as well. I'll be here later than usual tonight because I have to get my notes together and print them out and all that so that I can start working on outlines for finals (which begin in less than a week).

I'm currently at the state where I'm so tired that everything is numb. I could stick a pin or something into my arm and not feel it. My whole body feels sluggish and numb, well except for one part of me that is in severe crampy pain. Ugh. Even the Midol isn't helping. Today is not a good day so far. I wish it wasn't my last day of class - I could have stayed home. But I have to be here today regardless of how dead tired I am or how much pain I'm in. This sucks so bad.

Weight lost on my infomercial diet so far: 6 lbs. Which really isn't too bad considering that I usually gain weight right before and during my period.
Days on the diet: 27.


I don't think anyone will be surprised by this result:

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