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Gnolls and Lasagna
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I didn't do much of anything interesting today, but tonight was a blast. Tonight was D&D night. The usual players - Rob, Carrie, Shannon, Bryce, Al, and Berek - were all there. Berek also brought his woman, Pita with him. She spent a lot of time time playing with the cats. The game was fun (the gnoll reference in the title of this entry is for those of you who know D&D) and Bryce brought home made lasagna for all to eat. I'm not usually a big lasagna fan (hate ricotta cheese), but his was fantastic. Thanks for making dinner Bryce! You rock!!!

People started arriving at our house around 8pm. The game went until about 11pm or so. Berek and Pita stayed until around midnight to talk and Al stayed until, well, now. He just left. It was a very fun night and I really enjoyed the company, the socializing, and the game itself (Rob makes an excellent storyteller). So, tonight was very fun.

Not much is new with me. I'm currently trying to desperately get my tax attorney to contact me due to something I recently got from the IRS, but I don't feel like going in depth into that right now. I'm sleepy, my mind is muddled, my eyes are puffy, and I'm having to go back and correct a lot of typos so I don't feel like going off about this whole thing. But I'll post about it later. Let's just say that I got something kind of disturbing from the IRS and can't get a hold of my fucking tax attorney to talk to him about it. Aargh! Frustrated.


"Too bad you can't buy a voodoo globe so that
you could make the earth spin real fast and
freak everybody out."

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