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Tunes, Porn, and Breakfast
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Rob and I spent most of the day sleeping in. He hasn't been sleeping too well recently and so we both just slept in very late today. Tonight was a blast.

Rob and I got together with Berek and Pita and spent the night hanging out. Berek had to close up at work and so after work he grabbed Pita and headed down to our place. They got here around 10pm. Rob and I hopped into Berek's car and we took off to Sunset Blvd. We drove down Sunset and made a stop at Tower Records. We looked through the music and I ended up getting two CDs. I got the soundtrack to Freddy vs. Jason (which had three different covers - one that looks like the movie poster with both Freddy and Jason on it with a VS in between them, one with Jason on it, and one with Freddy on it - I got the one with just Freddy on it) and the new release by Laura Turner called "Soul Deep". I had heard a song of hers when waiting for a movie to start and thought her voice sounded a lot like Sarah Brightman's. So, I decided to grab her album and see if the rest of the stuff on there was just as good. I haven't listened to it yet, but I hope it's good.

After Tower we headed down Sunset and stopped off at the Hustler Hollywood store. That has to be the coolest porn store I have ever been in. Berek commented that it was too well lit. The four of us looked around some and Berek, Rob, and myself ended up buying some things. Berek got some buttons. Rob and I got a bunch of magnets for the fridge, a rather interesting rubber ducky, a few boxes of condoms, a DVD we had been looking for for a while (Seven Deadly Sins - Howard Stern highly recommended it), and two necklaces for me (one is a devil kitty and the other is a heart with devil horns and a tail coming out of it). I have to say that I was very impressed with the Hustler store.

After the Hustler store the four of us headed to the IHOP on Sunset that's over by Highland. We got foodies and were surprised by the sheer number of people there at 2am. Ah well, it's never too early for breakfast. After foodage Berek drove us back home and headed off into the night with his Pita. Rob and I are both still fairly awake and so I thought I'd do a quick journal entry before we checked out some of our new DVD.


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