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Death Is Better Than Taxes
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Yesterday was pretty cool. Rob and I slept in a bit again (though not as much as we did on Saturday). In the afternoon we went to the Glendale Galleria and looked around a bit there. And after the mall we grabbed dinner at Bennigans. A very low key and fun day.

So, I promised to fill you all in on the tax situation that has been driving me up the wall. Here goes:

About two weeks ago I got something from the IRS saying that I owed taxes. Apparently I owed them during the year (huh?) and didn't pay them (cause I didn't know about them) and needed to pay something in September and in January. So, I tried to get in touch with my tax attorney. I sent to him what the IRS sent to me. He then mailed me back the tax coupons all filled out - wrong. My name was wrong, my marital status was wrong, and my address was wrong. So I called him back at the beginning of next week. And called him. And called him. And finally e-mailed him. So, two weeks after this whole thing began he finally e-mailed me back (about half an hour ago). Apparently, because taxes are not withheld from the money I get from my Dad, I needed to pay estimated taxes throughout the year. It would have been nice if someone, say my friggin' tax attorney, would have told me this. Instead, he told me it was optional. *sigh* And of course if it's optional I'm going to wait until tax time to pay because I don't have the money to pay this thing right now. But it wasn't optional and hence the IRS sent me something. Anyway, like I was saying, he finally replied to my e-mail. Normally, this is something I would have to pay and the fact that I haven't been paying it during the year would get me in a wee bit of trouble. Thank god for marriage. Since Rob is in a job where he gets taxes withheld from his paycheck I can skip the estimated tax payments for this year. Then, at tax time, we see what we owe and do an estimated tax next year based on the taxes we paid for this year. Confusing, isn't it? There's a reason I'm not going into tax law. Hopefully, by next year I will have a real job that withholds my earnings so I don't have to deal with all this confusing and annoying crap. I hate taxes. I really need to move to Austrailia. No taxes, no Bush, and no one wanting to kill everyone in the country cause our President is a fuck up. Hrm, I wonder what it taxes to get barred there.


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