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Here, But Extremely Busy
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Stressed, but happy to be here.

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I don't have much time, but I want to at least post something. We're here, we're moved in, and we're barely unpacked. The people we've been dealing with at Earthlink are a bunch of drooling monkeys and if I hadn't been with them since 1996, I'd definitely be changing my internet company. They couldn't understand our request to cancel the DSL service at our old address and hook us up with cable here because there is no DSL out here. After many hours on the phone it seemed as if they understood and we now have cable. Well, that is, until today when I find out I now have a new fucking e-mail address with cable service here and my old e-mail address with DSL in LA. *sigh* If I lose my old e-mail addy they'll lose my business.

Things are stressful here because every time we try to unpack, Gabriel starts screaming. We also have a ton of errands and the like to get done. I need to get my car smog tested, but at least I was able to get my new driver's license. However, while the picture on my old California license was great, this one is hideous. I look like a 500 pound albino. I am not happy with it. At least I have a license though. Rob is not so lucky because he doesn't have any utility bills under his name and thus cannot prove his residency enough to get a license out here. We're hoping that a 30 day old bank statement from our new bank will suffice in him getting his license at the end of the month.

The move in was okay. I think we have all of our stuff, but we won't know until we unpack. Our nice mattress has a nasty stain on it that wasn't there when we moved and my car was filthy, had 300 extra miles on it, and someone's TV in the baby's carseat. Oy.

So yeah, things are hectic around here right now. I'm not getting online much so I'll post whenever I am on here. We have our new phone number set up so e-mail me, and if I still have my e-mail address I'll send you a response back with my number. It might take awhile though. Earthlink sucks hairy monkey balls and I have a feeling I'll have a hell of a lot of e-mails to sift through.

Oh, and even with the stress of the move I'm loving it out here. We definitely made the right decision in moving out here. It's amazing. I miss my friends, but this is where I need to be. For the first time in a long time I'm actually happy.

Gabriel is walking. He still crawls on occasion when he needs to get somewhere fast (like chase Sydney), but he's walking around the room and Rob counted him taking thirty two steps the other day.

I have to head off of here for now. I'll post again when I have the time.


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