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We Have Snow!!!
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Look! I'm posting! Again! And it was only about a week since my last post! Hrm, that really doesn't sound normal coming from me, does it? Especially since I used to post at least once a day. I don't know, I just haven't been wanting to be online all that much recently (and haven't had the time for it either). But with nothing much planned for today I decided to drag my butt up to the loft and go through my e-mails and put something up here.

We're still working on getting settled in out here. Unpacking is taking a long time due to Gabriel crying whenever we're not around him. He seems to be cutting some new teeth and is super fussy. On the bright side, there are two of us to work with him through this uber fussy stage. We have our bedroom and bathrooms unpacked. There's still a few boxes of toys in Gabriel's room. The kitchen is coming along but the dining room and the loft are still filled with boxes. It will happen eventually. And once the unpacking is over and done with we then need to find a dining room table and some new baby furnature. The real stuff. Not the small port-a-crib he had because nothing bigger would fit in our room in our old apartment. Now we have the room. Gabriel's room is pretty huge.

I mentioned in my previous entry that Gabriel is walking. He'll be eleven months on Thursday and he can walk all over the place. He can even make it from the living room to the kitchen. Granted, he still crawls as well because it's a lot faster than walking, but damn... this boy can walk! We're doomed I tell ya. People I have mentioned the walking thing to seem to be impressed. I guess this is a bit young to be walking all over the place.

Gabriel's also taken a shining to the word "hi". He says "hi Mama", "hi Dada", and even likes to say "hi" to Sydney. Too cute. He's also learned "baba" for bottle and still says "dat" when he wants something. He also has a thing for the remote control. He always tries to get it and then has a fit when we take it away from him. So we got him a cheap universal remote at the drug store and let him play with that one while we supervise him.

At some point I need to find a doctor to see. I'm thinking I might wait until I'm at my Mom's place for her b-day and see one of the doctors out there since I've been there before. I'm pretty sure I'm getting another ear infection. Ugh.

Rob's arm is getting a little better, but he still has a very limited range of motion. When he saw the doctor at the end of December he said his range of motion should be back in a week and if it wasn't then he might need to schedule an MRI. While it is better than it was then, it's nowhere near what it used to be and doesn't respond to him properly. Of course, the whole ear infection thing happens with me and the arm thing happens with him when we're in between jobs. Oy.

So yeah, the day to day around here is unpacking, taking care of Gabriel, and getting errands done. Hopefully we'll all be settled in soon. I hate my driver's licence picture (I'm pretty sure it's the worst picture I've ever seen of myself... and believe me, that's saying something) and Rob still hasn't been able to get his license changed over. My car passed it's smog test and I sent away for personalized plates. I'm hoping I'm able to get one of the three choices I applied for (e-mail me and I'll let you know what I wanted, but I'm not posting it up here). I think it's easier to get ones out here than in California because not many people have them out here. We still need to figure out how the hell we register to vote out here. Apparently it's not done at the DMV.

Oh, and e-mail me if you want our new address or phone number.

As the title of my entry says (finally I get to this) it snowed here last night! Our first snow as residents of Wisconsin. Too cool. It was absolutely beautiful, but it also makes me realize that it's a good thing I have an SUV. I missed the snow when I lived in LA and so far, I'm liking the snow out here.

I absolutely love it out here. More than I can even put into words. Getting the hell out of Los Angeles and out here was definitely the right decision. I miss my friends, but I'm truly happy out here and other than missing my friends I have no regrets about the move. Living out here is amazing.


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