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Bad Day and Gabriel's New Tricks
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First the bad:

Rob got some rather bad news yesterday, but it's up to him if he wants to post about it or talk about it.

I'm having problems with one of my credit cards. I never got the most recent bill for either of my cards because both companies got my new address wrong. So I called them both, asked how to mail in payment without the bill, and did as instructed. There was no problem with my Chase card. However, my Harris Bank card (run by FIA - don't ever use them) said there was insufficient information to process anything and sent the check back. This is even with a note inside giving my full account information. So, after finding out that the check was sent back I called them and tried to do a pay by phone. This was SATURDAY. On Sunday... no payment showed up. Or on Monday. Or on Tuesday. I called them every day and most of the time was on hold for at least a half hour and then transferred to a department which is always closed and hangs up on me. I also found out that for a mistake which is THEIRS and for a late payment of a whole whopping NINE DOLLARS that they decided to go ahead and report me to the credit agencies for non-payment. Finally, as of today, I have the amount at a zero balance. I also closed down that card. That's the same card that said I didn't pay once before when I was taking the California bar and I had to get the cancelled check from the bank and send it in to them to prove that I did pay and they did cash the check. Their response on that one? Oops. So the card is now cancelled and I figure I'll just apply for a new one with Chase. That way I'll have both credit cards with a company I trust and that has never fucked me over. So at some point I'll head into the bank and see if I can get a second Chase card. I like having two cards because one I only use for face to face purchases and the other I only use for online purchases.

Now I need to figure out what to do about my credit report. Before this I had very good credit, and that could be marred due to a mistake on the part of the douches at that credit card company. At least I have the letter they sent back to me for the check I tried to send in.

In other bad news, I had a bit of an accident yesterday. Gabriel was playing on the bed and one of his toe nails ripped across my ankle and took a piece of flesh off of me. Normally I wouldn't be so concerned, but it took off a piece of my fish tattoo (you know, the one that's puffy because I'm allergic to the blue ink). So, it hurts like hell and I'm a bit worried about what it's going to look like when it heals. There's a good chance with how deep it went that there will be a nice blank spot in the middle of the fish. In that case I'll need to decide whether I want it touched up with an ink I'm allergic to or pay an arm and a leg to have it removed and then get something else there when that heals. *sigh*

Now onto the new Gabriel tricks:

Gabriel has found a way to keep Sydney near him. He takes a bottle he's done with and holds it upside down near Sydney's mouth. Sydney drinks from the bottle and Gabriel has a giggle fit. My main concern about this is that cats are lactose intolerant and if this keeps up our new apartment will be covered in cat diarrhea. Maybe Gabriel is trying to make a Poopchuck sidekick? Poopcat?

Also, Gabriel has discovered the garbage can. We have one with a swivel top on it. So far he's tried to throw out many of his stuffed animals and Rob's bag of dice. He's succeeded in getting several binkies in there. We now need to check the garbage can for whatever Gabriel decided to throw out whenever he's walking around the apartment. I've said it before and I'll say it again... doomed.


Scorpio Woman

Sex is one activity that taps into Scorpio's hidden fire. To be sure she, she is most uninhibited when it comes to making love. She is a real tease, that girl who'll play footsie with a guy's crotch under the table, groping or even briefly going down on him, offering blatant titillation to stay erotically connected with her man at all times. She pours it on in bed, pulling out all stops to ensure she'll rank among his best. She seeks to be a man's obsession, a crystallization of his desire. Practically nothing is a gross-out as her hands and mouth may make their way to places where the sun don't shine. She enjoys getting to the roof of a man's matter, well acquainted with hidden areas that serve as male G-spots. Though it may take her some time to achieve her own climax, Scorpio's eventual explosion could be so extreme as to practically knock her unconscious. Sex is rarely acrobatic- rather, she is her version of groovy, easily getting into a steady staccato rhythm. Of all the women in the zodiac, Scorpio may be the most open to anal sex. She likes the inherent naughtiness of such an act, always wanting to be that much more “advanced” than her female friends, shocking the more prudish ladies in her set. Variety spices things up, and she feels as much ease shopping for dildos as she does lacy dolies. Like her male counterpart, the Scorpio has a wee sadistic streak. Disciplinarian fantasies perfectly fit her psychological bill- she may even be an outright dominatrix, turned on by enslaving a submissive man.

Straight turn-ons: Swarthy looks, body hair, (active) ass play, (passive) anal penetration, m-f-f threesomes, voyeurism, watersports, underarms, body odor, humiliation/cuckolding, (active) oral, (mutual) masturbation, mirrors, toys, gadgets, lesbian and bi porn, (active) b+d, (active) lite s+m, strangers, clothed sex, erotica, lite pain, biting, fighting, foreskin, swapping underwear

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