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What The Hell Is In Our Wall?
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This morning, around 5am, I was woken up by Sydney acting like a psychopath. Nothing new about that, but he was seriously freaking out. He kept climbing on my dresser and on some of my shelves. He pawed at the wall as if he was following something around and kept mewling at the wall. I checked for bugs, but didn't see any. Then I heard scratching coming from inside the wall. Fuck that, it was time to wake up Rob. Something in our wall is a boy job to deal with. He heard it too and went outside to check the side of the building. There are two pipes out there through which something could have crawled into. It was too early to call our manager so he went back to sleep. I wasn't able to fall back asleep until Sydney gave up and joined us in bed (figuring it might have gone away).

During the day we didn't hear anything else in there and Sydney hasn't had any other freak outs. We spoke to our manager and he told us that the portion of the wall near there opens up so we can get access to our heating and cooling systems. He tried to give Rob some rat poison to put in there. He said this happens sometimes that things get in the walls and said it's usually a mouse or a rat. We said we didn't hear anything else and he said they're nocturnal so we probably would hear it again tonight. I hope we don't. And I don't want to use the poison. It's not right killing something just because it came inside to find a place to stay. I'm not about to murder a rat or a mouse. So, tonight I'm going to check PETA's website and see if I can find a place (either in our area or online) to buy a humane mouse trap. No snap bar, no glue, no poison. Just something to cage it so that we can then release it in a field. That is, if we hear it again and know it's still in there. For all I know it booked when it heard the cat.

So, that was our excitement for the day. Something in the wall. *shudders*

I spent today going over practice Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure MBE questions. I was able to end up with a score of 81%. They say that 75% and above means you're pretty much ready for that subject, at least for the multiple choice sections. While that makes me feel better, I also know that those were my best subjects in law school so there's a chance it might only go down from here.

We headed out when I was done studying for the day (around 5pm). Rob filled his car up with gas (almost 50 bucks to fill the tank with regular grade). We made a quick stop at the grocery store (Rob ran in and I stayed in the car with a sleepy baby) to get some milk for Gabriel. We grabbed some drinks at Starbucks. And then we got some Thai food to bring back home with us for dinner.

Tonight we watched Heroes, gamed, and I got some laundry done.

I think I'm addicted to Orville Redenbacher's popcorn mini cakes.

As of this entry, my daemon is now some sort of monkey. Heh, I think I prefer the spider to the monkey. Where's my white weasel?


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